Journal Of Financial Planning

Economic arrangement Journal – the certified magazine of FPSB India, is a monthly future at establishing an academic and everyday handbook for the in haste mounting financial multitude Industry. In our elapsed issues over the days, we receive compiled articles from thought leaders in the industry, which to all intents and purposes elucidates the finer points of fiscal scheduling and the habits it requirements to be inculcated and practised.

Financial planning Journal is an irreplaceable book that captures the pulse of the emerging and capable fiscal scheduling Profession in India. It provides a dazzling forum for negotiations of issues of disturb to countless leisure pursuit groups, a platform for cross-pollination of dreams and perspectives, like in no way before. The Journal additionally deeds to make happen to calm the hopeful & active monetary Planners on a mutual Platform. The Journal will be of elevated gain to professionals/industry participants/students benevolent them exposure and career pathways in the fiscal development profession.

Highlights of the Financial preparation Journal

  • Academic and feasible scholarship in the ground of own Finance
  • Exposure to the new and emerging career in fiscal Planning
  • Original specialized articles and essays from the accepted wisdom leaders in the industry
  • Motivational articles and sections for succeeding in the fiscal armed forces Industry
  • The Journal covers the complete spectrum of fiscal army production i.e. Mutual Funds, Insurance, provide Markets, Wealth Management, Banking, Macro Economy, Infrastructure and IT, attempt Management etc.
  • The Journal informs, educates and empowers students and practitioners involved in monetary army diligence and the profession of monetary Planning.

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